There are few things in life I enjoy more than playing music with others! Playing solo is definitely the best bang for the buck as I cover the background music, vocals, bass percussion, sometimes harmonica and solos (when I loop in the chords to play over them). Still, I cannot add harmony to myself, play bass or drums in addition to everything I am already doing.

Watch some clips of me playing with some of my talented musician friends! (below)

A Duo could be what you are looking for. Two people can offer a fuller sound without an exorbitant cost to you. I’ve recently started adding some of my very talented musician friends to a few of my gigs and I think that you will appreciate the fullness of sound and creative potential that provides.

There ARE challenges to playing music with people similar to that of adding anything to something; Diminishing returns. The more you add musically its always going to be adding more for people’s limited bandwidth to have to process. Further, as you add more people you triple the work that needs to be done. Not only do I need to make sure that I know the songs, the other person needs to know the songs. Communicating, organizing and practicing the different parts to come together as one is an art in of itself.

If you are a person that appreciates refinement and can afford it. I think that a DUO or TRIO could be what you are looking for & look no further.

All the best to you and yours,