Hi, my name is Ryan Cook. Music is my superpower 🙂

I learned to play guitar first year of college and was in a band THAT year. So, from the very start it’s been intertwined with performances, more than I could count. I learned to sing a couple years later. 10 years later… it’s my profession and I cannot be happier about it!

Its unreal how personal singing really is! To share the positive vibes of live performance with you is my greatest joy. Its uncanny how sharing music creates fast friends of your audience, especially those I work with to make it happen from the start. I cannot wait to meet you and create a personalized experience for your weddings and parties!

What I do:

I perform at Weddings, and any event you might imagine there being a live performance.

I can and often play solo. For some, this is important detail. Keeping it simple is good for $$.

One thing that differentiates me is that I do my best to provide the fullest sound possible. That means, I have incorporated a kick bass pedal to get that essential percussion beat. I also use a looper which can record snippets of a song, like a chord progression that I can have running on a whim while playing on top of that, whether it be a solo or additional layers. Occasionally, I will break out a harmonica or some other instruments in addition.

I am more than happy to play as a part Duo or Trio for special events. I have talented musician friends that are extremely talented. It really can for more fullness, sound and energy. Trade off will be a longer period of time for prep and a larger budget.

DJ services: I would be happy to play recorded tunes for your event with my sound system. This could be easier than hiring a DJ separately.

Here’s to YOU!!! Thank you so much for reading. Lets get in touch!