Ryan Cook does music for a living. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better entertainment for your wedding or event anywhere in the Tri-State area. Think of the difference that you get when you find someone that does their craft all the time as opposed to someone that does it on occasion – it is same difference between professionals and amateurs. Keep this in mind when making a decision on who to hire for your event. When making a living as a musician gets difficult amateurs will hedge their music with a job that ends of taking away from music which in turn takes from the quality of their performance. Ryan Cook Music is always doubling down and honing his craft which is music. Hire a professional today and know that every cent you spend with be reflected in a next-level musical experience for the benefit of you, your family and your guests.

If you would like more content browse this site: Ryancookmusic.com
Here you can access:
– Song list, Videos, updates and much more!
– Check out Ryan’s Duo & Trio
– Look into hiring Ryan as a DJ for when people feel like dancing to their favorite tunes.

More info:
At points, you may wonder if it is just Ryan up there or a small band. Since Ryan has worked at playing as a solo musician for a while now, he has incorporated (among other things) percussion, whistling, and looping the rhythm guitar so he can play a lead in addition to it.

Hands on/Hands off… depends on your preference… Planning your event with Ryan will leave you feeling confident that this is going to be just the kind of experience you created in your imagination. Or, simply delegate this high-bandwidth responsibility to Ryan.

Specialty services include:
– Ryan plays well and often as a DUO & TRIO.
DJ– many events can include hiring a musician and/or a DJ which can be a headache. Well… hire Ryan and he can do both!