Children’s Entertainer


Throwing a great party for the little ones is harder than it looks. If you’re searching for a children’s entertainer who can keep the kids busy for hours at a time, Ryan Cook Music is at your service. I’ll work hard to create a magical experience that they won’t soon forget. I’m happy to attend events all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.


I understand what kinds of music appeal to children of different age groups. Whether you’re throwing a princess party for a group of preschool girls or a cowboy-themed birthday bash for your 10-year-old son and his friends, you can count on me to deliver the excitement. I’m genuinely enthusiastic about what I do, and I strive to ensure that this shines through at every single gig.

When you’re hoping to find a quality children’s entertainer in Philadelphia, PA, consider Ryan Cook Music. Don’t hesitate to contact me today to ask for a quote.