There are few things in life I enjoy more than playing music with others! Playing solo is definitely the best bang for the buck as I cover the background music, vocals, bass percussion, sometimes harmonica and solos (when I loop in the chords to play over them). Still, I cannot add harmony to myself, play bass or drums in addition to everything I am already doing

Here are a few key instruments that my friends can add to the musical experience: Harmony! / Drums / Keyboard / Bass / Another Guitar / Violin / Cello / Mandolin / and more

Watch some clips of me playing with some of my talented musician friends! (below)

A Duo could be what you are looking for. Two people can offer a fuller sound without an exorbitant cost to you. I’ve recently started adding some of my very talented musician friends to a few of my gigs and I think that you will appreciate the fullness of sound and creative potential that provides

If you are a person that appreciates refinement and can afford it. I think that a DUO or TRIO could be what you are looking for & look no further

All the best to you and yours,